Genrerama Music Class!

Genrerama Music Class is offered at GIGIL! Instructed by Cherie Sola, this music class focuses on engaging children with all aspects of music in a fun and accessible way.  A mixture of original songs and classics are used to encourage children to sing, move, and play along.  The class offers the opportunity to tell stories and understand simple music theory through movement, sounds, and instruments.  As repetition is important for young children, each class starts with the “Hello, Bonjour” song and ends with the “Goodbye, Goodbye” song.  All classes include a time for free dance and a jam session.  This class is tailored for toddlers up to 4 years old. 

Ms. Cherie is from Colorado and studied music at the University of Colorado at Denver.  After graduation she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in the entertainment field for over 10 years, before starting her own business.  Ms. Cherie loves all things creative and has studied acting, painting, and dance.  Aside from creating songs, Ms. Cherie writes children books and designs apparel all based on her favorite thing, music!  She believes that music provides the perfect framework to explore genres and learn about any topic imaginable. Ms. Cherie has completed coursework in early childhood development and has worked with babies to elementary aged children.  She plays guitar, violin, and piano and sings in two bands.  Ms. Cherie loves to dance and you can always find her sliding around her house in her socks.  



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