Autumn is such a great time of year! There are so many fun + seasonal things to enjoy. I mean, what’s not to love?! As we start to experience cooler temperatures, the leaves start to change, food becomes pumpkin spice everything! and we start to get excited about the nearing the holidays!

Here are 10 family activities that you can do this Fall:

1. Take daily walks – When the temperatures are higher in the summer, morning walks are sometimes all you can do. But once fall temperatures roll around, we are able to go at any time of the day, kids in tow of course! Taking a family walk is a great opportunity to get some exercise while exploring + talking about all of the things that we may see or find... birds, trees, colors, bugs, etc...

2. Visit the local nature center or regional park – Local to Long Beach, El Dorado Nature Center is wonderful to visit any time of year, especially in the fall. And just across the way is El Dorado Regional Park. They allow day camping, fishing and have awesome bike/walking trails for all the outdoor fun! It’s a great place to have a picnic, too! Do a quick Google search to find a local nature center or regional park near you!

3. Have a family-friendly Halloween movie night – Between all the online streaming sites for TV shows + movies, having a family movie night (without having to run out and rent a movie) has never been easier! Some of our family's favorites are Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, + It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

4. Take family photos – Fall is the perfect time of year to take annual family photos. It's nice to make a point every fall to get the whole family together + have someone snap some photo! You will be so glad to have the yearly memories to look back on. Plus, this is always a good option if you enjoy sending out family holiday cards!

5. Do Fall crafts together – There are so many fall crafts out there that are perfect for little ones. This is something that your kids will enjoy and look forward to year after year.

6. Bake pumpkin scones – One of our favorite pumpkin-themed recipes is a pumpkin scone recipe by "Brown Eyed Baker". This recipe is absolutely delicious, fairly easy + fun for the whole family!

7. Dress up in costumes – Whether you're going out for Halloween this year or not (stay safe! COVID-19 precautions should be taken!), the little ones will love picking out their costumes and dressing up as their favorite superhero, animal, or whatever their imagination dreams up. Of course, snap plenty of pictures!

8. Carve or decorate a pumpkin – As fun and creative as pumpkin carving can be, sometimes, its not always appropriate for all ages. The carving tools can be sharp, supervision is always needed, and some pumpkins even rot before even making it to the holiday. An alternative? Painting pumpkins! Go check out our other post for some ideas!

9. Go "camping" in the backyard – Who says you have to be somewhere else to go camping? Pitch a tent in the backyard, set up sleeping bags, roast s'mores over a fire pit, + read some stories under the stars! This may even be considered "glamping" since you still have all your supplies handy!

10. Draw pumpkins + ghosts with sidewalk chalk – Who doesn't love sidewalk chalk!? It is such easy set-up + clean up! Pick a day to have a spooky season themed drawing session. It will not disappoint! Your neighbors will even enjoy looking at your chalk art during their daily walks around the block!

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