Why Coding? Cool Careers!

Have you ever enjoyed a game on your phone or bought something online? A lot of things we do every day are possible because of dedicated professionals like app developers, computer hardware engineers, and technical marketers. Coding is a great way to unlock one of these rewarding careers for your young STEM enthusiast.

Interested in learning more about the potential of programming? This month's STEM subscription box can help you get started.

And don't forget to check out the cool coding careers below! And rest assured, job security is built in. Web developer and digital designer jobs are set to grow 8% between 2019-2029, which is much faster than average according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics!

App Developer

Want to know what makes Angry Birds or Words with Friends so addictive? Application developers are software engineers that work with platforms like Apple’s iOS, Google's Android, and Microsoft’s Windows for phone. App developers learn the programming language for their chosen platform and come up with exciting ideas for new applications.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers work with computer components like circuit boards, networks, routers, and processors. A cable box for home internet is possible because of computer hardware engineers.

WordPress Developer

WordPress is a content management system, or CMS, that powers about 15% of the world’s top websites and 35% of the entire web. WordPress developers build websites either for themselves or clients. WordPress developers can have a number of programming capabilities, including Javascript and PHP.

Database Administrator

Database administrators often work with companies that need to store and access large amounts of information for human resources, inventory, and other applications. Administrators organize and troubleshoot this data so that the database runs smoothly.

Technical Marketer

Technical marketers work with products that require a certain amount of pre-existing knowledge, including complicated computer software and hardware items.

About GIGIL:

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