5 Things to Keep Your Kids Entertained While You WFH

In our current climate, filled with quarantines + social distancing, many of us parents are finding ourselves trying to work from home while our kids are also home with us. While it isn’t always easy, there are some things we recommend you try to ensure you get the time you need to focus on work!

Before you do anything, consider setting a work schedule. This schedule will help keep you accountable, while hopefully giving your kids an idea of what to expect from you. If possible, get up early before your kids for a few minutes of peace. I say a few minutes because if your kids hear you, you can kiss that quiet time goodbye!

Secondly, give your kids something to do. If you want any time to get some work done, you will need to give your kids their own distractions. If you are homeschooling, this is the perfect time for them to work on their own on school work, if they can. However, if you are not homeschooling or it is a non-homeschool day, you may still want a few things to keep them entertained while you try to focus on your work.

Here are some activities to keep your children happy + (hopefully) busy, so you can keep your sanity while working from home.

1. Sensory Bins!

Make a sensory bin (or multiple)! Fill a large Tupperware or plastic kiddie pool with dried beans or rice and throw in some cups, spoons, and small toys. If you are going to set this up inside, lay out a sheet to keep the mess contained. For more sensory ideas, check out our ideas for sensory play.

2. Build Blanket Forts!

Create a living room fort with sheets, blankets, + pillows. This is perfect for reading, playing pretend or watching a movie!

3. Subscription Boxes + Kits

Our STEM Kits here at GIGIL are the best STEM subscription box for kids! Each of our STEM subscription boxes includes 3-5 STEM experiments and activities shipped to your door. Each month, you'll receive access to stream one pre-recorded STEM lesson that goes with the theme of the box. Each video lesson is taught by a California credentialed teacher that specializes in STEM Education. Visit our Box of the Month page to see our featured boxes! There is a new box each month, + you will never receive the same box twice! You may choose to purchase a single box, or add a monthly subscription to receive a discount. Don't want to wait the full month? Our Elite Scientists STEM Kits are available for purchase any time!

4. Have a Dance Party!

Put on some of your kiddos' favorite music + let them jam out and show off their favorite dance moves!

5. Movie Time

Some parents feel guilty entertaining their kiddos with screen time, but occasionally, a movie can be a special treat for your kids to have a break + for you to get some work done. To make movie time extra special, lay out a blanket + treat your kids to a delicious snack!

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