Time to Paint a Pumpkin!

As the holiday season begins with spooky season, families enjoy spending quality time to create traditions and have fun! One of the most popular of Halloween traditions is carving pumpkins! As fun and creative as that can be, sometimes, the carving tools can be sharp, supervision is always needed, and some pumpkins even rot before even making it to the holiday. An alternative? Painting pumpkins!

Painting pumpkins allows your little ones more artistic freedom and can be exciting for all ages! Grab some paint, brushes (or even fingers!), your pumpkins and head outside to enjoy an afternoon of family painting fun! OR throw some newspaper down indoors and allow your kiddos to paint their pumpkins on the floor while Hocus Pocus or Coco plays in the background, setting the perfect seasonal mood!

Want to know the best way to paint a pumpkin?


  • Paintbrush(es) or fingers!

  • Acrylic sealer (spray or brush on)

  • Acrylic paints


1. Prep Your Work Area

Set up your work area. Lay down a drop cloth or newspaper to protect your work surface.

2. Prep Your Pumpkin

Make sure it’s free of any big bruises or blemishes. Use a cloth to gently wipe off any dirt or debris.

3. Apply Base Sealer Coat

Apply sealer to your pumpkin. Because the pumpkin is round, you will need to work on it one-half at a time. Apply the sealer to the top half, allow to dry, then apply to the bottom half. Consider doing this a day or two before to ensure the pumpkins are dry and ready!

4. Time to Paint!

Have fun with it! Let your kiddos imaginations run wild or help them with a design!

5. Apply Top Sealer Coat

Using the same sealer as the base, apply a coat of sealer over the dried paint to ensure the painted masterpiece will last outdoors and stop the paint from chipping.

6. Decorate

Why does the fun have to stop with painting? If you so wish, pull out your hot glue gun, duct tape, craft foam, googly eyes, or anything else you may want to add to your pumpkin to top it off!

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