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GIGIL's Elite Scientist STEM Kits create a fun learning experience from home and are a great option for homeschooling learners. Each lesson is taught by a California credentialed teacher using core education standards.


Each Elite Scientist STEM Kit Includes:
- 5 STEM lessons with 5 hands-on learning activities/ experiments  

- Access Code to stream Learning Videos online
- A complete STEM Kit that will include supplies necessary to complete experiments.


The Water Works STEM Kit will cover different masses in water including islands, dams, and glaciers. Students will also be introduced to the importance of water filtration systems.

  • Lesson #1: Build your own island day! How do these masses of land stem out of our oceans?
  • Lesson #2: What’s a dam? Can you build a dam to keep water in its place?
  • Lesson #3: Where does ice come from? Where does water come from? Let’s plot where we can find the most water in the world.
  • Lesson #4: Can glaciers melt? How quickly will they disappear? Let’s watch how fast we can make a glacier melt!
  • Lesson #5: This lesson will focus on the affects humans have over our world’s most precious resource, water! 

2nd - 5th Gr: "The Water Works" Elite STEM Kit

Sibling Add-on Box (shipping included)
  • *Some materials including basic household liquids (water, vinegar, etc.) are not shippable. On rare occasions adults may need to supply small portions of liquids or other common household items that are not practical for shipping (i.e. large mixing bowl) for use.




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